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  • Where do workshops take place?
    Mosaic workshops take place at Mia's at home studio located on Byron Street 13 in Tel Aviv (close to Ben Yehuda/Ben Gurion).
  • How long do workshops last?
    Workshops last 3 hours.
  • How many people can attend a workshop at once?
    Mia's workshops can seat up to 8 people at once. However, if your group is larger than 8, Mia will rent a room at the Doz Hoz Community Center on Dov Hoz Street 16 to accommodate your group.
  • How much do workshops cost?
    Depending on the item being mosaic-ed or if the workshop is public/private, workshops cost between 150 ILS-200 ILS per person. This includes instruction and all materials.
  • What ages can participate?
    Ages 8 and up may register for Mia's mosaic workshop.
  • Is there an elevator in the building of Mia's studio?
    Unfortunately no. Mia's studio is located on the third floor and there is no elevator at the moment.
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